This section captures institutional arrangements for SDG implementation, mechanisms for civil society, private sector, and development partner engagement, and operational details on the architecture.

  • - National Coordination Mechanisms for the SDGs
  • - Key documents guiding development in Cambodia and how they relate to the SDGs
  • - Stakeholder engagement on the SDGs
  • - Organisations changes to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs
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This section captures modalities to incorporate SDGs into national development plans, sectoral plans, and other major initiatives, including by private and non-governmental actors.

  • - National Voluntary National Review on the SDGs
  • - National plans and programs integrating the SDGs
  • - Engagement on the SDGs at subnational level
  • - SDGs and budgets
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This section captures information on finance streams and modalities that the government has identified and activated to advance SDGs, as well as sources of financial flows from non-governmental sources and policies designed to influence the contributions they make toward the SDGs.

  • - National financing sources
  • - SDG financing needs
  • - Initiatives for financing the SDGs
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This section captures efforts on monitoring of the SDGs, prioritization and measures to strengthen data collection.

  • - SDG data monitoring agencies
  • - Establishing national SDG indicators and baseline data
  • - Challenges in data monitoring on the SDGs
  • - Data initiatives to facilitate monitoring the SDGs
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