This section provides an overview of the architecture of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Armenia. This includes institutional arrangements for coordination, mechanisms for stakeholder engagement and operational details.

  • - National Coordination Mechanisms for the SDGs
  • - Key documents guiding development in Armenia and how they relate to the SDGs
  • - Stakeholder engagement on the SDGs
  • - Organisations changes to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs
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This section provides an overview of measures to incorporate the SDGs into national development plans, sector plans, budgets and other major initiatives and efforts to identify priorities related to the 2030 Agenda.

  • - National Voluntary National Review on the SDGs
  • - National plans and programs integrating the SDGs
  • - Engagement on the SDGs at subnational level
  • - SDGs and budgets
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This section provides an overview of efforts to channel financing towards the SDGs, with a focus on practical steps taken to mobilize funding through the national budget, tax reform and regulatory reform.

  • - National financing sources
  • - SDG financing needs
  • - Initiatives for financing the SDGs
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This section captures efforts on monitoring of the SDGs, prioritization and measures to strengthen data collection. This chapter provides an overview of monitoring mechanisms in place for the SDGs, prioritization among indicators, new efforts to strengthen data collection and innovations with respect to information communication technology.

  • - SDG data monitoring agencies
  • - Establishing national SDG indicators and baseline data
  • - Challenges in data monitoring on the SDGs
  • - Data initiatives to facilitate monitoring the SDGs
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